Bankei: deluded but "cool"

Allan Curry un824 at FREENET.VICTORIA.BC.CA
Mon Jun 23 15:07:13 CDT 1997

Ramakrishnan writes:

>.............. However note that neither of them toured the country
>asking people whether they were enlightened and then remarking that they
>found no enlightened man. A man who goes around doing such a thing is
>(a) obviously not realized (may be close to it), or (b) is under some
>mental delusion or (c) is trying to prove that he is "cool" by
>"exposing" the lack of GYAni-s. I would strongly suspect (b) or (c).

"So whatever anyone else may do or say, whatever happens, leave things as
they are. Don't worry yourself over them and don't side with yourself. Just
stay as you are, right in the Buddha-mind, and don't change it into
anything else. If you do that, illusions don't occur and you live
constantly in the unborn mind. You're a living, breathing firmly
established Buddha".


        -Allan Curry

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