experience of non-dual awareness

Srinivas Sista sista at ECN.PURDUE.EDU
Thu Jun 19 16:04:51 CDT 1997

Allan Curry writes:

> I am reminded of Nietzsche's comment, "fine feelings are not arguments".
> I myself have experienced non-dual awareness in waking and sleep states
> countless times over a period of several years and it is not clear to me
> why this "state" should be interpreted to be more ontologically basic than
> any other. It does seem profoundly peaceful, joyously complete, and
> perfectly simple, but so what? Why should I assume it is the ontological
> foundation of the universe rather than a very enjoyable mode of brain
> function?  It may be either I suppose or even some other possibility.

If you are still thinking of non-dual awareness as a "state" then
I have to say that whatever you have experienced was only a delusion
of non-dual awareness(sorry, no offence meant). Your confusion as to
whether you should regard it as more basic than other states just
means that you had some experiences(based on what you read or deduced)
which are no different from the other thought created realities. But
it is good that you are questioning the validity of experiences, be
they sublime or the trivial. That is surely a way to recognize the
futility of pursuing experiences.
Srinivas Sista.

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