Help on Translation. <fwd>

Thu Jun 19 13:36:32 CDT 1997

     I wrote:

>>Can anyone tell me how the following ideas can be translated in English?

>>       1. Upayam and Upeyam
>>       2. Heyopadheyam
>>Words in current translated works some seems inadequate. If someone
>>has some idea, please help

>     upaaya is the means or remedy to something.
>     upeya is something that is to be approached or
>     something that is to be obtained.

>heya is something that is to be abandoned or left out.
>upadheya does not ring a bell for me. Maybe a more
>appropriate word may be heyopeya, meaning something that is
>to be abandoned or something that is to be obtained. One may
>talk about, for example, heyopeyavilakshhaNa, something that
>is neither to be abandoned nor to be obtained.

  There is case of mistaken identity at work here! I mistook
  upadheya for upadheya or upaadheya  without realizing that
  it could be upaadeya. This latter word, upaadeya means
  roughly the same as upeya, something that is to be
  obtained, acquired.
  So heyopaadeya (heya+upaadeya) means the same as heyopeya.

  I recognized heyopaadeya while listening to the lalitaa
  sahasra-naama. One of the names of lalitaa mentioned in
  this famous hymn from the BrahmaaNDa puraaNa is
  heyopaadeyavarjitaa, She who has nothing to abandon and
  nothing to acquire.



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