Unreality of the world: a further analogy

Cameron Reilly cjreilly at OZEMAIL.COM.AU
Tue Jun 17 18:14:38 CDT 1997

Allan Curry wrote:

>If illusory is equated with impermanence then I would find it difficult to
>argue that the world is not illusory. If illusory refers to the fact that
>our impression of the world is created by our minds, again I agree our
>representation of the world is fabricated. To some, the "illusory nature of
>the world" implies the non-existence of any extra-mental source of data
>which go into the making of our representation of the world. This is a
>much more difficult case to make and one that I am not convinced of.

>I am a part of the world you say is illusory. Do you believe that I am not
>*really* asking you this question and you are merely imagining that I do?
>If an illusory being *can* question you then in what sense do you hold
>them to be illusory?

>with *real* regard,

>-Allan Curry

I think, Allan, that the question needs to be asked:

When you ask "Do you believe that I am not *really* asking you this
 question....", what is this "I" that you are referring to?
The answer to this question may reveal why the universe is held to be


Cameron Reilly

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