The Vedas

Mon Dec 29 13:16:23 CST 1997

Namaste Nanda,
>This moves into a sphere of metaphysics which
>is quite far from standard Advaitam logic. Can
>the knowledgeable elaborate?
  I don't claim to be an expert - all I can do
is give you insight from the standpoint of my
swami, Swami Dayananda Saraswati, and from the
  I have two sets of the R^igVeda, both written
in devanaagarii script with svara marks utilized
in both versions for the purpose of chanting.
However, the only version giving the tones for
chanting in the viniyogas is the incomplete
one published by Sarvadeshik Arya Pratinidhi
Sabha with the commentary by Maharishi
Dayananda Saraswati (who began writing the
commentary in 1934, but did not live to
complete his work). His work has been carried
on by others who closely followed his example.
The incomplete set consists of the first six
maNDalas of the R^igVeda and maNDalas seven
thru ten are complete, but have not been
published yet due to a disagreement between
the publishers and the translators. Hopefully,
we will see publication of these final maNDalas
  The other set is by H.H. Wilson and is a
complete set. The reason I have both sets is
that I want to chant the R^igVeda as accurately
as possible and found that the printing on my
first set (the incomplete one) is not perfect,
and since I need a complete set anyway, I purchased
Wilson's version, which was highly recommended.
There are still some inconsistencies with possible
printing omissions in Wilson's version as well.
However, by comparing both versions, I have been
able to transliterate the Riks - and by studying the
svara marks in both versions, I have been able to
print the Riks with a numbering system I have developed
in order to send them to friends for the purpose of
  I'm telling you all of this so that you will
understand that chanting is very important to me.
I do believe, as Dayanand Bhargava states in the
Editor's Note of Wilson's version:
  "It is true that the mantras have a spiritual
  Swami Dayananda stated in the mantra classes that
I attended that the aksharas (syllables) of the
Riks in all four Vedas were put together in a
particular order to give them spiritual power. He
also believes that you should know the meaning of
the mantras, so you know what you are chanting/
praying for. Swami Dayananda is a great believer
and teacher of Advaita Vedanta and the Sanskrit
  More tomorrow for I have to go to work now . . .


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