An excerpt from Rajaji's version

Chandran, Nanda (NBC) Nanda.Chandran at NBC.COM
Mon Dec 29 06:52:33 CST 1997

I'm reading (for the n th time!) this translation of the Upanishads by
Rajagopalachari. Rajaji works hard at making the fundamentals clear and
displays tremendous insight in his work. Here is a brief excerpt from his
explanations on the Katha Upanishad :

"Merely to know is not enough to escape from the tangle of illusion. Faith
and discipline of life are necessary. This illusion arises not so much from
ignorance as from attachments. Enlightment comes with detachment not with
learning. This is the main teaching to which all the schools of Hindu
philosophy ultimately revert to and on which they lay the greatest emphasis.
The discipline and meditation that serve to help the Soul to detach itself
from the things or the world is what is called Yoga."

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