Essence of Advaita

Chelluri Chelluri at AOL.COM
Sun Dec 28 20:13:33 CST 1997

                                        Brahmaiva Satyam

Sri Gummuluri asked an Interestinsg Question.

Your response I consider very honest.   Leave the "EGO" behind and you find
the answers to all your questions.

I am saying the following from experience.  It is not easy to leave the EGO
behind. Patanjali's Sutras if practiced will help.  My experience happened
"cause of Grace.

I have enjoyed the Best of Times and Worst too.  I tryed to practice "Brahma
Ahamsmi" Not just repeating the words but practicing.  Inspite of the glimpse
I still stuck with who Iam in this world.

Newton is right.  He is a messenger of God.  For every action there is a
reaction.  No matter what you do you have to react what you did.. You have to
pay the price. "Avasya Manubhoktvyam" .  You have to experience.   Iam glad
Iam experiencing it in this life.

Coming back to Sri Gummuluri Question I accept "Brahma Satyam Jagat Midhya"
One can find out that if the Ego is left behindOR by Grace.


Sada you never answered my question.  Do you believe Brahmam is Ananda as long
as you maintain your EGO?  If you do there is no argument.

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