Why the same dream?

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On Wed, 10 Dec 1997, Gummuluru Murthy wrote:

> On Wed, 3 Dec 1997, Jaldhar H. Vyas wrote:
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> > It is acceptable that the real world is the creation of Saguna Brahman or
> > Ishwar.  This would be in agreement with the Shruti statements which say
> > God created the world.  Our dreams are caused by the effect of the world
> > on our minds.  Of course this is vyavahara.  All such distinctions will
> > disappear on the achievement of jnana.
> >
> Namaste.
> My apologies for the delayed response.
> Yes. It is more than acceptable that Saguna Brahman or the personal God
> created the world. It is the only theory we have.
> But, where is Saguna Brahman ? Isn't Saguna Brahman an imagination of our
> mind in the wake-up state ?  I do not want that comment to be taken in a
> wrong sense or would not like to be branded as an atheist. I believe in
> God and pray God regularly. I do Lalitha trisathi and sandhya vandanam
> twice a day and Vishnu sahasranaama as time permits. And I believe that
> it is Shri Lalitha's grace that the world I see is what it is. However, in
> the final analysis, Shri Lalitha and Shri Vishnu are in our mind only.

Yes that's true.  But Lalita Mata could just as easily claim that we are
figments in Her mind only. :-)  I don't think we can say we say the world
is "our" superimposition.  There is a superimposition going on but we are
not the agents of it either in the vyvaharika sense or otherwise.  We are
hovewer responsible for its removal.

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Can somebody give me some background information on Hitopadesha? And I would
also like a reference to a good translation.

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