The three states

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Wed Dec 10 12:26:33 CST 1997

>I would like to ask in this context: How could we say that we slept
>happily ? Deep sleep, by its very definition, is beyond happiness and
>sadness. Can a jeeva in a wake-up state gauge how happy (or sad) the >deep
sleep is (unless the reference is to sat-chit-ananda, the bliss >without
opposite) ? Further, it is significant that the statement "I slept >happily
... " is made only in the wake-up state.

Well, it's common experience that after a good sleep, we feel relaxed and at
peace (ofcourse, in the waking state). We can, to an extent remember the
dreams, ie the dream state, but in most cases not the state after that, ie
susupti. But the fact remains that that state contributed considerably your
relaxation and peace, which you feel on waking up even though there was no
awareness at that point of time. Again, as I'd mentioned earlier, there's
nothing to say that that state was not an alternate state of the mind

But I feel, the fact that such a state has to be investigated itself is
enough, for when we're able to retain our awareness (or phrase it
differently!) in susupti, then things should become clear. Again if we're to
accept the shruti as a pramana and the words of Shankara and Gaudapada, we
can proceed with more conviction, for they have already experienced it.

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