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Namasakarms.   Returned from India on 1st.

Iam fortunate to complete the 12th of 18 Chandi Havans at Ashtadasa Peetams,
and perform Ganapati and Rudra Homams.  Rudra Abhishekam and Homam on Karteeka

If you have time Please go to Ujjain and vist Mahakali and Kaleswar.  It may
or may not give immediate reward but it is fulfilling.

Ravi I appreciate your devotion to Sri Meenakshi.  I visited the place twice.
One day I hope to perform Chandi Homam and at that time you can provide more

I dont talk about it....I just do it by her grace.

Blessings                                                  Nageswar
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Subject: Why the same dream?
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In this discussion about the non-reality of nothingness, I feel all the
arguments converge on one point - Brahman. But as the shruti says, the Self
is something which cannot be grasped by the senses or the mind - thus all
such intellectual speculation is futile. It's something which has to be
REALIZED and is therefore beyond words - On the subject of the Self, even
the Buddha remained silent when questioned and Sankara had to resort to the
neti-neti principle, in the awe-inspiring DASA LOKI. But again, if one
thinks like Hegel, who thought the Indian mind incapable of seeing God as
anything beyond a void, carry on!

>uselessness of employing his mind as an instrument of even starting to
>advance on the Way
On the subject of the mind, it's faculty of reason and understanding is the
only tool we posses. Control of it, yes, but a shutdown of it is, in my
opinion, the wrong road to choose.

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