Sankar Jayanarayanan kartik at ENG.AUBURN.EDU
Sat Sep 14 23:51:26 CDT 1996

Chuck Hillig wrote:

>  Reality is  "what persists."
>  If it changes, alters, modifies, evolves, transforms, mutates, unfolds or
> unravels, it's NOT real.

*What* changes then? It cannot be the entity which exists at the beginning,
for it undergoes change only at the beginning of the process, not throughout
the process. For precisely the same reason, it cannot be the entity that exists
in the middle or the end; nor can it be the changeless Brahman (by definition!).

Change is very important to Buddhist philosophy and the simple observation of
the phenomenon itself is sufficient for enlightenment. As the Zen koan goes:
"Sitting quietly doing nothing, spring comes and the grass grows by itself."

I've noticed this difference between advaita and Buddhism, please correct me
if I'm wrong:

Advaita  : concentrates on the absolute noumenon.
Buddhism : concentrates on the changing phenomenon.

The advaitin attempts to realize the self by locating the source of the "I"
thought, but the Buddhist simply observes the phenomenon around him.

>                                            With Blessings,
>                                                   Chuck Hillig


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