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Dennis Waite dwaite at ALADDIN.CO.UK
Wed Oct 23 11:29:15 CDT 1996

Many thanks to Giri for his reference to this material and to anyone who
hasn't followed it up, do so - it is wonderful!

Having collated the various pages, I was going through marking any points of
particular interest and found I was marking practically all of them! So
concise yet light and to the point. I found myself laughing out loud at some
of the responses. How about:-

Q: When is a person "ripe" for Enlightenment? Is there a gestation period
that precedes Enlightenment in the way that nine months of preparation and
growth precede the birth of a child?

A: You are ripe for Enlightenment when you want nothing else. In order to be
born as a baby you have to spend nine months getting bigger and bigger. For
Enlightenment you have to get smaller and smaller until you disappear


Q: There are many paths to Enlightenment, including a path that uses union
with a partner as a way to the Divine. Some people have experienced, when
making love with their partner, a feeling of oneness with existence. Do you
believe it is possible to achieve true liberation in such a way?

A: Physical activities can only produce physical results. Mental activities
produce mental results. Sexual activity produces babies. Enlightenment is
not produced by any of them.

A couple of other short profundities to whet your appetite further:-

The Self will always be a mystery because there can never be anything apart
from it to comprehend it, analyse it or understand it.

All the activities that the body performs are predetermined. The only
freedom you have is to choose not to identify with the body that is
performing the actions. Enlightenment does not happen in time. It happens
when time stops.

I don't know about anyone else but I shall certainly be looking out for his
book ' Wake Up and Roar'.

Thanks again Giri,


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