Quotations by Shankara

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The list of quotations used by Shankara in Brahma suutra bhashya alone is
taken from the book 'The system of vedanta' by Paul Duessen and given
below.  There are around 2500 quotations in the bhashya, with 2000 from
the upanishhads.  There are also quotations from Ramayana, Mahabharata,
Rg. Veda, Atharva Veda etc (to name a few) in the latter category.  Paul
Duessen gives a similar list in the book 'The philosophy of Upanishads,'
as mentioned by Vidya.

Name of the upanishhad and the number of times they are quoted in the bhashya
are noted below :

Chandogya 809
brihadaranyaka 565
taittiriya 142
mundaka 129
kathaka 103
kaushitaki 88
shvestasvatara 53
prasna 38
aitareya 22
jabala 13
mahanarayana 9
isha 8
paingi 6
kena 5

Re : Life, mind

Be happy. Love yourself. Don't judge others. Forgive. Always be
simple. Don't make distinctions. Give up the habit of choice. Let the
mind dissolve. Give up preferring and desiring. Desire only your own
awareness. Give up identifying with the body and senses. Give up your
attachment to detachment. Give up giving up. Reject nothing, accept
nothing. Be still. Above all, be happy.

        -- Thomas Byrom, commenting on the essence of Ashtavakra gita.

Re : world

There are two worlds,
ego's and God's,
Rejecting as unreal the former
Recognizing the latter


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