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                          Om Namobhagavati
     The discussion on LIFE prompted me to post my views on mind.

     Mind is a very complex and intriguing entity in the entire
     creation.  I would not be able to sit here and type my message
     without it.  It takes years for the development of mind but takes
     only few seconds to destroy.  Presence of mind makes it feasible
     for the body to function.  These I believe are simple facts.

     Mind has to police itself and receive and develop good thoughts.
     Mind is the vehicle that takes you where you want to go.  Mind in
     its place can make heaven out of hell or viceversa (Milton).
     I do not understand why people preach destruction of the mind to
     realize the self.  If the mind is destroyed, instead of self
     realization, one will find himself in mental institution, thrown
     in by one's near and dear.  Ofcourse one can argue that it is the
     body not ME.

     I believ all Mind's are pre-programmed, allowing a little
     marginal freedom of choice, by the Divine Will.  Not even the
     creator can change the program except minimize the adverse
     effects.  Mind entitles unconditional love and devotion, not
     abuse or destruction and I believe that happens only by the GRACE

     REGARDS                                        NAGESWAR

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