Brahma sutra 2.2.37 (was Re: Crossposting ... )

Ramakrishnan Balasubramanian rbalasub at ECN.PURDUE.EDU
Sat Dec 7 15:20:26 CST 1996

Shrisha wrote:

>meaning something like "thus only, Sri Shankaraachaarya has clearly
>denounced the Shaiva doctrine in his commentary upon the Suutra, `OM
>The Suutra in question is 2.2.37 in Sri Shankara's commentary, but I

The idea denounced in this verse is that of the Ishvara kaaraNins. They are of
the view that Ishvara is only the instrumental cause of the world, while
sha.nkara holds the view that Ishvara is both the instrumental and material
cause of the world. His objections have nothing to do with the fact that they
are shiva worshipers. If there had been a vaishnava or any other sect with
corresponding views, he would have denounced them too. I am not sure if the
paashupata doctrine is the same. The paashupata doctrine atleast, was quite
popular and influential in those times (see Dasgupta Vol V). That would also
explain sha.nkara's special reference to these folks.

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