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> Date:    Fri, 6 Dec 1996 07:28:06 GMT
> From:    Ken Stuart <kstuart at MAIL.TELIS.ORG>
> Subject: Crossposting (was Re: An Interesting article - any response?)
> The problem is that people have a choice of which mailing lists they
> subscribe to, sometimes that decision is based on the number of
> members in the list and sometimes it is based on the people who are
> members of the list.
> When one crossposts a message to two (or more) lists, then everyone in
> both lists is *effectively* subscribed to both lists, simply because
> subsequent followups also end up on both lists.
> Thus, people lose the choice of what size list they are subscribing to
> and which people they receive messages from.
> So, I would request that - after this current discussion fades out -
> that no more crossposting occur.
> Thanks,
> Ken                       <*>
> kstuart at

        i fully agree with the sentiments expressed by Ken. i also agree
the statement by Ramakrishnan that the person whose article is being
criticized should have a chance to respond. In the same spirit, shouldn't
there be a restraint on assuming that a mathematican (maybe referring to
Ted K.) as an "Unabomber." Is he not just an alleged "Unabomber" ? Doesn't
he have a right to be assumed innocent until proven guilty ?
        Regarding the advaita-dvaita debate, i am reminded of Shri
Ramana's statement to first discern the Atman and then determine how it
is related to Brahman. Ramakrishnan told me of a similar quote from the
head of Sringeri Math.


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