gaudapaada and buddha (was Re: brahman by ...)

Kim Poulsen poulsen at DK-ONLINE.DK
Thu Dec 5 19:55:00 CST 1996

> Also, the "state of nihil" is
> a fiction because there has to be something experiencing it,
> which is the indestructible plenum of Self.

This is pure nihilism, nihilism raised to a higher denominator!
 The correct conception is described in Dakshinamurti Stotra 6.21

"Even during sushupti, Atman is endued with the notions truth,
knowledge, and happiness,  self-identity is recognised in the
realisation "I was happy sleeping."

The 6th chapter will clearly explain that this sushupti is, in its
macrocosmic manifestation, the One Existence (known as
parinishpanna with the buddhists, etc.)

Your ideas concern something which may be termed
pariparinishpanna and mahapralaya, and yet you cannot
refute self-consciousness and self-identity

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