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>I have a doubt regarding the competence of the Shudra for Brahma-vidya.
>And in his BSB(1,3,38),"A born shudra has no right to knowledge...A shudra
>has no right to knowledge through the Vedas."
>The obvious inference from the above passages is this: A born Shudra
>has no possibility of acquiring knowledge of the Vedas and
>hence cannot deliberate on Brahman or acquire Brahma-vidya, ie,
>realization of Brahman, and therefore, has no chance whatsoever of
>reaching the supreme goal, ie, liberation.
>But Krishna in Gita (9.32) says,"Those who surrender to me, even though
>they be of inferior birth...women and shudras...they reach the supreme

IMHO, there are 3 paths shown for leberation. viz. karma, bhakti, gnana.
I think Brahma Sutra is taught to a person who is interested, inquisitive.
Where as Bhagawat Geeta, in the 9th chapter Srikrishna is advising about
Bhakti (devotion). Please refer Ch.9.31 sloka as well.

kshipraM bhavati dharmAtmA SaSvachhAMtiM nigacchati |
kountEya pratijAneehi na mE bhakta praNaSyati || 9.31
Speedily he bocomes virtuous and secures lasting peace. Know it for
certain, Arjuna, that my devotee never falls.

After advocating Bhakti, Sri Bhagawan is trying to convince Arjuna that
being his devotees "women, Vaisyas, Sudras, as well as those of vile birth
who ever they may be, by taking refuge in him" they too attain supreme goal.

Meerabai, gora kumbhar, tukaram.. numerous examples are available of Bhaktas,
who have not studied Brahmasutras are even heard of Bhagawatgeeta, who
by having full faith in him attained liberation.

IMHO, Sri Sankara obviously not addressing the Bhaktas in his BSB.
What do you think!


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