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There was no choice for Sri Raama in all the points you have raised.

> Especially on the following occasions:
> 1. Proceeding to forest.
No choice. He had to obey Father's words.

> 2. Chasing the golden deer.
No choice. He had to fulfill wife's desire.

> 3. helping out sugriva.
No choice. He had to protect Sugriva from Adharma follower Vaali. It
is the duty of Kshatriyas to protect Dharma. There is no choice.
Adharmic person must be punished.

> 4. Terminating raavana.

No choice. He had to punish kidnapper of wife. But Raavana got many
chances and choices to give back Seeta to Raama. He refused.

> 5. Banishing sita maata.

No choice. He had to follow public opinion as King. King cannot be
against citizens.

> 6. Executing ashvamedha yaaga.

No choice. He had to do Ashvamedha Yajna as King's duty.
> ....

Raama is Vigrahavaan Dharma. Therefore, He followed Dharma in each and
every step of life.

In Dharma there is sometimes Vikalpa and many times there is no choice
at all. We have no choice.

> He clearly had a choice in many of these occasions!
> Thanks in advance.
> \!/ iti gOvinda smaraNam \!/
> Dinesh BN
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