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By oversight, this post had gone unreplied. The replies are given below.

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> Namaste.
> At the time of sanyAsa diikSha, the incumbent is said to take a sankalpa
> of sarva-bhUta-abhaya-pradhAna.
> 1. What is the scope of this sankalpa? Does it include all life forms?
> 2. As the very act of living involves himsa to other prANis, directly or
> indirectly, how is this sankalpa put in practice by a sanyAsi ?
> 3. Is its scope only deliberate manasa-vaaca-karmaNa acts leading to
> himsa, and not accidental ones ? If so, how do we explain chaturmAsya
> vrata, one of the objectives of which is to avoid accidental prANi himsa
> during rainy season.

1. Yes. It includes all life forms. 2. He deliberately does not indulge in
himsa. The ones that happen by default are taken care of by his
anushthanam. 3. True. Accidental ones are not deliberate. In the rainy
season there is a very great chance of such himsa which can be avoided.
Hence the sanyasi chooses to stay in one place engaging in study, teaching,
contemplation, etc. tapas.


> Thanks in advance.
> Venkateswaran N E
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