[Advaita-l] Dayanand Saraswathi interview - Very interesting stand taken by Swami

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Both references are unsubstantiated. If the Sringeri journal really supported the claim, there are two more things we have to consider. 1) Was it a guest post and 2) was the Sringeri guru aware of such an article being published? This is because, there is no direct evidence whatsoever! ‎If however, the Sringeri guru really acknowledged ramana as a saint, I'd be really surprised. Kind of like the whole world becoming upside down. I'll probably stop the study / practice of Vedanta in this life. 

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Namaste Kripaji,

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All claims of the praise for ramana by Sringeri Acharyas are a bundle of lies. 

Your being ignorant about things doesn't lead to them being lies. Here are some of the links for you to look up if you are really interested in stepping out to know the truth instead of your preconceived notions:


These are more reliable than the ones you come up with on some random blogs whose authors know not head from tail.
If he indeed commented on ramana's work, still that doesn't change anything(wrt to the current topic). I think he expressed his views quite clearly in the interview.  ‎

Hah! That changes everything; else it would contradict logic. I have said this earlier to you that everything is to be interpreted in the context. Swamiji's statement is for those Neovedantins who misinterpret Ramana Maharshi and work with "anything goes" in the name of Vedanta. I am quite certain that you have no clue as to who the initial AC belongs to in the interview you linked here. There's your hint! I shall leave it at that. I will not use your tactic of calling it a bundle of lies though. :)

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