[Advaita-l] Shrimad Bhagvatam?

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Thanks a lot for the info. 

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Thanks for  the input. I don't know anything about Sridhar Swamy and so I'll reserve my comment. Any clues as to which parampara he comes from? 

The 'Advaita Vedanta Literature Bibliographical Survey' by Thangaswamy places Sridhara Swamin to be the disciple of 'Paramananda Tirtha', from the dedication verse. Period 1400-1500 CE. 

The fact that Ramanuja, the foremost among the Vaishnava/pancharatra school has not mentioned Srimad Bhagavatam anywhere weighs down Sharma's (possibly weak) defence.  BNK Sharma, to my little knowledge has made many a claims which are not accepted by Advaitins. I am also curious to know the exact reference which he points to. 

I have not seen the paper of BNK, though, but came to know about this finding through another scholar in BVP. I asked for the exact references in Abhinava Gupta's commentary where the citation is found but got no reply.


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