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Yet, the world is not a projection of the local mind but the global mind as above sloka states. From the point of the individual jeeva, the world is not the creation of his local mind - if so we reduce the philosophy to vijnaana vaada. Perceptibility is different from projectability. Jeeva's projection of rope where the snake is jeeva's mind creation using the samskaara based on Iswara creation only.

praNAms Sri Sada prabhuji
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Again, very well said prabhuji..  Jeeva's mind creation is adhyAsa which is due to jnAnAbhAva (avidyA) explained in adhyAsa bhAsya atasmin tadbuddhiH...to think about the sarpa there needs to be something called rajju...rajju is Ishwara srushti whereas sarpa in place of rajju is jeeva's avidyA kalpita 'bhrama'.  To think about the size and shape of the ornaments there should exist some substance like gold, gold is Ishwara srushti for which he (Ishwara / brahman)  himself is efficient and material cause and modification of the existing thing is due to avidyA of the jeeva ( abhAva of the sAmAnya jnana).  Existence of the stree, purusha, charAchara jagat etc. is not bhrAnti nor avidyA kalpita of an individual jeeva...assuming relationship with them, keeping himself aloof from them developing rAga dvesha due to this differentiation is avidyA kalpita or bhrAnta 'saMsAra' of jeeva which goes after the dawn of samyak jnana.

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