[Advaita-l] What is the difference between Maya and avidhya ?T

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If this is accepted as a result of avidyA (lesha) or diK brama (as it is subjective), the jnAna nisTatha, which is considered as the pinnacle in jnAna sAdhana would be another term for the paripUrNa saMyak jnAna (dArDhya) of the svarUpa, which you are saying here. Is it not so or is there more to it (from jnAna standpoint, without adding reference from JMV, like mano nAsha or vAsana ksaya, at upAdhi level etc ?)

Ø     Kindly pardon me I am not able to understand what exactly you are asking here.  jnana nishTa is only who is established himself in his svarUpa jnana and he is abhaya and krutakrutya.  AnandaM brahmaNO vidvAn na bibheti kutaschana says taittereeya, It is because of this reason only I clarified jnAni cannot have a fear of snake in saMskAra rUpa since he is abhaya after realizing his svarUpa jnana.  OTOH, if the jnana nishTatha is prasankhyAna (repetition of jnana to keep the jnana intact and maintaining its intensity) he is not paramArtha jnAni, he is as good as others and subject to the influence of avidyA.

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