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>>  Even Sunday also considered inauspicious in jyOtisha prabhuji??  Very
interesting.  Though we normally  don’t do  vaidika saMskAra-s like
upanayana, vivAha etc. on Tuesdays and Saturdays, we do have good
muhurthams on Sundays for vivAha, upanayanAdi saMskAra.  And most of the
people would particularly insist for the bhAnuvAra muhurta :-) And even in
Sringeri paNchAnga there are lot of muhurtha-s on Sundays like chUdAkarma,
vivAha, upanayana, gruha pravesha etc.
> Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!
> bhaskar

Finding a good Muhurta involves looking at all the five elements of the
panchAnga, namely, tithi, vAra, nakShatra, yoga, and karaNa. The weekday or
vAra is just one of the factors. Although sUrya is considered to be a
malefic in JyotiSha, the degree of his malevolence is not as great as that
of Kuja and shani. So you will find that in many cases, if other factors
are auspicious, Sundays become acceptable. Another obvious reason is, of
course, the fact that Sunday is a holiday for working people and everyone
can attend the event, which makes Sunday muhurtas particularly attractive
and convenient.


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