[Advaita-l] How can prANa be Brahman?

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Sri Chandramouli ji,

One last post in this thread. Just a had a thought this morning and wish to
share it with you.

Just like a bhakta who has had darshan of his IshTa devatA is already
sAdhana sampanna, so does an adept yogi who has fully awakened kuNDalini is
sAdhana sampanna. Yoga starts with chitta-vritti nirodha.

Hence both of them (bhata and yogi), need not practice advaita from the
start. They are the best among disciples (uttama adhikAri). they only need
to climb final step and realize their true nature through GYAna.

Narasimh Mehta didnt practice advaita separately but had GYAna while doing
pUja of his beloved kRShNa.

My understanding is this because I believe that, in yoga, if there is any
way to merge in Brahman i.e. realize Brahman and attain the same state that
an advaitin abides int, then a yogi need not separately practice advaita
phisolophy. But if there is prakriti laya i.e. mind merges in prakriti or
any other type of samAdhi like sabija, virvivhara, savichara, etc, then
these are not final state as per my understanding. This is also pointed out
by Sri MadhusUsan sarasvatI in his gItA commentary.

Also note that I am not an adept yogi and so my understanding can be faulty
or incomplete.

Hari OM

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>> praNAms,
>> Sri Ravi ji,
>> I do not say yoga is necessary or compulsory as a preparatory. It is one
>> of
>> the way. Please understand that when we eulogize any method, we consider
>> it
>> the best and necessary. I hope you understand my point.
> Yes Sujal Ji.

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