[Advaita-l] sushupati anubhava of jnAni and ajnAni

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Sri Rajesh ji,

To answer this question one must consider who/what is a jnAni. To a jnAni
himself, he is Brahman, to the external world, he is Brahman plus the body
mind intellect.

To a jnAni, there is no anubhava, because he being the asanga, abhokta
Brahman, experiences nothing - he alone is. So whether he is in जाग्रत्,
स्वप्न or सुषुप्ति, the jnAni as Brahman does not experience anything. So
there is no question of jnAni's particular anubhava during सुषुप्ति,
because if you ask the jnAni the question, he will not say I slept well or
I didn't know anything, or I experienced bliss during sleep - like an
womAnizer. To him, the "I" doesn't do/experience anything, and he doesn't
confuse the experience of the sharIra as his experience.

To the external world, the jnAni includes Brahman and his BMI and they are
free to speculate whether his experience during sleep is similar to an
ajnAni or not.

My take is that the experience of the kAraNa sharIra for ajnAni and jnAni
is similar, the sukshma sharira is resolved and the kAraNa sharIra will
continue to experience pratibimba Ananda in sleep, until it's prArabdha is

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> Namaste,
> Is there a difference in sushupati of ajnAni and jnAni?
> An ajnAni sushupati anubhava is "I slept well, I do not know anything, I
> experienced sukham."
> A jnAni statement is also the same or it is different.
> If it is same then is it possible that after some brain-injury his wrong
> conclusion, I am body, based on avidhyA could come back.
> Thanks
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> *Rajesh Benjwal*
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