[Advaita-l] Hastamalaka installs Gopinatha - Now under Madhva administration

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According to this, Madhvas, though a section, accept the historicity of
that temple/deity and trace it to Hastamalaka, a direct disciple of
Shankaracharya. While these Madhvas accept an Advaitin, to have installed
and worshiped the deity, we have others, for instance, the scholar in the
videoed debate, stating that 'Advaitins, having no belief in God, are not
in the practice of invoking Him.'

I have also known about a belief among Madhvas (maybe, again, a section of
them) that Narayana Pandita, the author of the Sumadhva vijaya (and Mani
Manjari), belonged to a smarta family that owed allegiance to the Sringeri


//He was a born poet like his esteemed father: Kalabhaashana eva sooripota:
Kavraaseet anavadyapadya vadee, in his early child hood itself, he used to
compose Shlokas in praise of God, thogh they were Bhagavata under the
control of Shrigeri Mutt. Once Trivikramacharya was defeted in his debate
with Acharya Madhwa when he was a scholar in the Court of Jayasimha Raja in
Kuble Province, the family converted itself to Madhwa Fold.//

Narayana Pandita was a contemporary of Madhva. There is also reportedly a story
of the *Sringeri* acharya harassing Madhva and Madhva asking him to go and
learn his alphabets is mentioned in Sumadhva Vijaya.

If a direct disciple and therefore a contemporary of Adi Shankara could
establish a Mutt, can Shankara be admitted to have been incapable of
establishing the Sringeri Mutt? Sri Vidyaranya was nowhere in the picture

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