[Advaita-l] Works of Sri Vidyashankara

Sunil Bhattacharjya sunil_bhattacharjya at yahoo.com
Sun Dec 25 21:34:01 CST 2016

Dear friends, 

There is a feeling among many that the Shankara-bhashya on the Bhagavad gita as well as the Shankara- vakyabhashya on the  Kena Upanishad may not be the works of Adi Shankara.

It is generally believed that after the genius of Adi Shankara there were two great scholars, Sri Abhinava Shankara and Sri Vidyasankara, and this should obviously mean that these two great scholars also could have left their great works. It will be nice, if any scholar has any idea on the works of Sri Vidyashankara, he or she  may kindly let us know about that. 

Sunil KB

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