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Dear Sri Chandramouli Ji

Thanks for fwding your response:

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>  What about the knowledge of Sushupti << I know I slept well >> .
> Chidabhasa is dormant/inactive. But still knowledge is there.

Yes, this I know in waking ( jagrat), the existence (unbroken) that
persisted during sushupti ...there was never a moment when existence was

> This
> knowledge is therefore not attributable to Chidabhasa.

>  We can also consider from another viewpoint , the difference between jada
> ( inert ) and svaprakasha ( selfevident ) vastu. The fundamental difference
> is that for cognizing a jada vastu an illuminating entity is needed whereas
> for cognizing a svaprakasha vastu another illuminating entity is not
> needed. For both nodoubt mind is involved as the instrument for cognition.
> According to you Chidabhasa is needed for both the above cognitions. Then
> there is no difference between them.
>  My point is Chidabhasa is needed for cognizing all inert vastus . But it
> is not needed for cognizing Svaprakasha vastu ( It is so by definition
> itself ) .

Yes, we can say, in sushupti, the svaprakAsha vastu exists or illumines by
itself..  there is no need for mind or other illumining entity

> Mind is no doubt needed for both as the instrument for
> cognition.

Can you pl elaborate this statement? As you are accepting the need for mind
in self cognition, what is the role played by mind in Realization (without
the involvement of chidabhasa or reflected consciousness) ? Kindly clarify

>  That the cognition is at vyavaharika level only has not been disputed .



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