[Advaita-l] Andhara pAtha ( style ) of taittarIya samhitA

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Dear Animesh,

The Andhra pAtha versus the drAviDa pAtha is mainly in the shAkhA portion
and that too in the AraNyaka portion. I am not aware of any differences in
the samhitA. BhaTTa BhAskara follows a different order in the chapters in
the AraNyaka, but is essentially the same as sAyaNas version (with the
exception of the mahAnArAyaNa upaniShad, where there are variations). The
nambudiris also follow a different ordering and actually have the 6th
prashnam (pare yuvA~M ..) of the AraNyaka in the middle of their brAhmaNa
sections. They also don't really distinguish between the brAhmaNa and
AraNyaka in the shAkhA.

The Andhra pATha is the pATha followed by the majority of the kR^iShNa
yajur-vedI-s. The so called drAviDa pATha is followed by a minority,
typically tamil vaishnavites. One of my gurus was actually a student in the
Sringeri Mutt (in Sringeri) and the pATha they follow is the same as the
Tamil smArta tradition. The pATha bhedas are listed in the excellednt book
kRiShNa vedIya taittirIya brAhmaNam, published by Krishnamurti Sastrigal
and Ganesh Dravida Sastrigal. If this book is not available to you, I can
scan the relevant pages and send by private email.


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> Srī mātre namah
> Namaste
> Can any one can give any  information about Andhra pAtha of taittarIya
> samhitA , which is preserved by Sringeri  pItha .
> Regards
> Animesh
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