[Advaita-l] Jambudveepa in our saMkalpa

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What purpose do these visions which are out of touch with reality serve

This must lead to the conviction that 'vishwaM darpaNa druSyamAna nAgarItulyaM "nijAntargataM"'

There used to be a widow by name Saubhagyamma who used to come to my paramaguru's place to learn yoga rahasyas.  She reached to such perfection in yoga mArga that she could visualize sukshma lokas inside herself by just dhAraNa of mind at a certain place in the prescribed spot.  

She could visualize her husband's sukshma sareera in yama loka during her meditation.  She could find that yAtanA shareera of her husband was not properly fed with tila tarpaNAs and piNDa pradAna.  She immediately performed the "jyOtir-prasaraNa" and uplifted her husband from the yama yAtana.  She noted her astral visions in her dairy. 

Certain aspects are mentioned in shANDilya upanishad and the exact locations inside our body viz., varuNa loka at the ears etc.  Similarly, sapta-rishi maNDala is located at the tips of 2 eyes, 2 ear lobes, 2 nostril and at the tip of the tongue.  

So, these astral visions are not some fictious visions but stand testimony to the vAkya "yathA brahmANDE tathA piNDANDE".

For that matter, my own grandmother used to visit the kAshi daily in her sukshma shareera and used to have gangA nadi snAna early in the morning.  She used to describe her astral visions and who used to give darshans that day.  


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