[Advaita-l] Interest Collection is Wrong according to Dharma?

Shrinivas Gadkari sgadkari2001 at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 10 13:22:18 CDT 2013

>There are financial products called FST and CFD where you 
>can make 100 times your investment whether the price  goes 
>up or down. The catch is you have to get it right or you 
>will lose equally big. I tried to see if jyotisha can be 
>used to do it. I couldn't find an astrologer who can take 
>up the challenge :) If Vedas and Vedangas don't serve a 
>practical purpose, most people aren't going to give a damn 
>really. In fact, most traditionalists send their kids to 
>modern education and rightfully so because science produces 
>practical results. 

Sir, artha purushartha has to be attained via appropriate 
efforts, directed karma. It may be okay to take guidance
from an astrologer if repeated efforts fail. But using
jyotisha to make money in stock market will be against the
dharma purushartha.
>DharmAvirodha kAmOsmi says the Lord. If you satisfy kAmA 
>properly in a marriage, then you won't have a repressed society. 
This view of yours fits both within dharma and maryAdA
purushartha-s. Man-woman relationship finds place in advanced 
vidya-s like panchAgni vidyA of bRhadAraNyaka upaniSad. 
This topic though better not be openly discussed.

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