[Advaita-l] Interest Collection is Wrong according to Dharma?

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Namaste Sri Sriram

In Chapter 10 Manu Smruti -
 117. Neither a Brahmana, nor a Kshatriya must lend (money at) interest;
but at his pleasure (either of them) may, in times of distress when he
requires money) for sacred purposes, lend to a very sinful man at a small

The Brahmin must not give loans with interest to anyone except a very
sinful man. But who is following this rule now. They are charging heavy
interest for every person. The Brahmin must not have desire for earning
huge wealth.

In Chapter 8 -
151. In money transactions interest paid at one time (not by instalments)
shall never exceed the double (of the principal); on grain, fruit, wool or
hair, (and) beasts of burden it must not be more than five times (the
original amount).
   152. Stipulated interest beyond the legal rate, being against (the law),
cannot be recovered; they call that a usurious way (of lending); (the
lender) is (in no case) entitled to (more than) five  in the hundred.

They are not following this also today.

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> Namaste,
> Pls refer 155th sloka of 8th chapter and 117th sloka of 10th chapter from
> manu smriti.
> regs,
> sriram
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