[Advaita-l] Priority of Pramana based on Knowledge Domain

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Just a
point of note. Negation of pratyaksha by aagama is done ontologically looking
from the higher order and while still accepting it as a true at the
vyaavahaarika level - just as from the point of gold there are no ornaments but
from the point of ring, bangle etc., they are as real as the one who is perceiving
it. Dvaitins many not accept the orders of reality. Hence the hierarchy of the
pramaanas also have to be from a reference. From the objective scientist, who
sees things only at the level of vyaavahaarika satyam, the prathyaksha forms
higher than the rest of the five pramaanaas. Shankara says in one place if
scripture says fire is cold we have to reject it since it is against pratyaksha
unless the sentence has some other meaning. 

> From: V Subrahmanian <v.subrahmanian at gmail.com>
>.  This
>phenomenon, of a latter stronger pramANa (knowledge thereof) annulling an
>earlier weaker pramANa (knowledge thereof),  has been elucidated by
>Vedantins on the basis of the 'apaccheda nyAyaH' of the pUrva mImAmsA, the
>details of which Shri Anand Hudli has posted in this forum before.
>However, this has been challenged by the Dvaita school and there is a
>debate currently going on between the two schools.

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