[Advaita-l] Ishwara Turiya?

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> Sri Rajaram,
> I find your posts intriguing, so want to know where you are coming from -
> 1. I did not come across "TuriyAtita" in the upanishads, a word you use.
Can you define it and differentiate it from Turiya?
It is supposed to have been used by twelfth century advaitins to define the
state of Brahman. The problem with Turiya was polemical attack from
dualists that it is the fourth and hence dependent on the the three! Sri
Devanathan says it has upanishadic reference. He works hard and is trained
as a scholar - SI understands the importance of textual reference
> 2. I did not come across "turiya" as an "avastha" anywhere, can you give
me any references to that effect? I do not understand what you mean by
being "in Turiya"?
It was used by Sri Vidyasankar. Turiya is what is used by Gaudapada and
Sankara. But turiyAvatha is figuratively right. It is the akhandakara vrtti
of a jnani.
> 3. If vyavahara is not there, is there a relevance of Saguna?
Yes. The lamp lights even after the drama is over. Sakshi is not dependent
on witnessed objects for its existence.
> 4. What are the qualities of Iswara, and where do those qualities come
from when there is the world and when there is no world?
He is suddha, buddha, nitya, mukta. He is sarvajna in the sense of making
everything known.
> 5. What are Avyakta, Hiranyagarbha and Isvara, and where do they belong
to the gross-subtle-causal? What is the relevance/function of Isvara? Is it
vyavaharika or
On this later - got to catch train. Read Sankara bhashya introduction and
> Shankar
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