[Advaita-l] vishukra-visha~Nga and vArAhi-mantriNi

Venkata sriram P venkatasriramp at yahoo.in
Mon Mar 5 22:29:50 CST 2012

Namaste Ramakrishna garu,
Just to close this thread, what seems relevant is that the lalitopAkhyAna at the following location page-981 seems to confirm to the lalitAsahasranAma 
Even logically also, the order in LS is absolutely correct.   
But this discrepancy was pointed by Kalyananda Bharati in his
commentary on LS called “kalyANa srikaLa”.  
Even several other scholars who commented on LS infact 
pointed this issue but logically concluded that LS is the
final approval authority here.  Even the author of “jayamaNgala” 
Shri Bhatta Narayana took LS as pramANa here.  
In Srividya Rahasya, viSanga is the chittavritti that is by sublated by guru upadesa and mantra jnAna.  And guru dIkSa and mantra anuSTana siddhi are in the hands of Mantrini.  She confers mantra jnAna as She presides over the mantra shAstra.And hence, She is extolled as jnAna shakti.  
Whereas, vishukra is the chitta vritti that projects the upAsaka as paricchinna  jiva.  Varahi / Vartali / daNDini annihilate this vritti in the upAsaka. She is extolled as kriya shakti.  

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