[Advaita-l] we will reformulate the vedic religion

Shrinivas Gadkari sgadkari2001 at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 27 04:48:22 CDT 2012


There are many sadgurus who have opened up the dharma of 
om-kAra and gAyatrI mantra to anyone who wants to follow it.

Let us leave alone those who will pull up references from
this text and that text to counter this.

Those of us who have confidence in our intellect (prajnA) and
shraddhA in our inner sadguru should strive to re-learn the 
vedic vidyA-s. Let us leave it to gAyatrI mAtA whom she considers
eligible to reveal the vedic vidyA-s. I am quite sure She is not
going to consult any text or any maThAdhipati for this. And 
those whom gAyatrI mAtA blesses, will be competant to reformulate
the vedic vidyA-s for the changed times. They will decide who
should these vidyA-s be taught to. They will reformulate the 
rules of the dharma of om-kAra and gAyatrI mantra.

May gAyatrI mAtA guide us.
dhiyo yo naH pracodayAt

hari om.


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