[Advaita-l] Pitrupaksha questions.

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Fri Sep 30 22:05:18 CDT 2011

On Fri, 30 Sep 2011, Srikanta Narayanaswami wrote:

> When you yourself is not performing why doyou bother about whether they 
> are performing or not.

I assume "you" in what you wrote refers to the GYAni not me personally. 
For the record, I try and perform all nitya and naimittika karmas 
diligently but I have no adhikAra yet for most pitR^ikArya as my father 
is still alive.

Anyway, why does a GYAni bother if other people are performing or not? 
Because he is not a heartless, selfish monster that's why.  If a Vedantin 
stood idly by as a little girl crossed the road and didn't warn her she 
was about to be hit by an oncoming bus we would not think very highly of 
him would we?  Well one who does not perform their ordained duty is about 
to be hit by the bus of paapa.  As swAmi abhinavavidyatIrtha said, only 
those with purity of mind attain GYAna.  One who is pure of mind and free 
from personal desires wants only the welfare of all living things.  He may 
not go around haranguing people to do their duty but if he is in a 
position to give advice he will tell them that it is in their best 
interests to do so.

> If any swamiji says that karmas must be performed,he is no longer a 
> sanyasi.

Next time you are in Shringeri, tell svAmi bhAratItIrtha that you think 
his guruji was not a sannyAsi and let us know what kind of reception you 

> Because the B.G verse says: such a one will not ask others to 
> perform karmas'Navadvarepure dehi naiva kurvan nakarayan"Such a one who 
> has completeunderstanding will not perform karmas and nor will he make 
> it perform by others,for he will be called a "Mithyachari".

Well well, so it seems it is not only Shri~Ngeri Jagadguru but KR^iShNa 
bhagavAn himself who doesn't understand vedAnta at your august level.  For 
performing karma is exactly what he told Arjuna to do as has already been 
pointed out.

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