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Just going thru the old posts and thought of sharing.
On Thu, 11 Nov 2010, Muralidhar Maddala wrote:

> Namasthe,

> I was recently at a workshop when a passing remark was made that Shi Va 
> (as two sounds) were the next ones that followed the pranava nada of AUM 

> and that Shi represents the creative energy (prakruthi ?) While Va 
> represents the unchanging Consciousness (purusha?).

I have not heard of such a thing but it is possible that some Shaiva 
shastra says this becuase the agamic forms of Shaivism and shaktism 
atleast is based on Samkhya where the purush in inert and creation evolves 
from dynamic prakrti.  This is expressed by imagery such as Shiva being a 
"Shava" (corpse) under the feet of shakti.  It is for this reason the 
brahmasutras do not spend much time refuting the shaivas considering the 
arguments against samkhya to apply mutatis mutandis against them.

In advaita Vedanta, purush when the term is used at all is equated with 
Brahman which is real and the source of creation.  Likewise prakriti is 
maya which is wholly unreal.
Jaldhar H. Vyas <jaldhar at braincells.com>
Shri Muralidhar's observation is correct.  However, "va" is not purusha but
nAmarUpAtmaka jagat.  This explanation is given in 
padmapAdAchAryA's shiva panchAkshari bhAshya.  
The 6th chapter says that:
asminshEta iti shi = prakriti; vAnAt = vananAt / vAnAdvA viz., nAmarUpAtmaka jagat
So, shi-vA implies the one who has created the nAmarUpAtmaka jagat(va) from 
avyakta (shi).  


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