[Advaita-l] Looking for two Kannada songs

Bhaskar YR bhaskar.yr at in.abb.com
Wed Sep 21 01:38:43 CDT 2011

These two songs suggest to me that there is really no such place called
VaikunTha in geographical space.  It is only a concept of perfection -
without any 'kunTha' - defects/ unimpeded.

Hare Krishna

IMO, ille vaikuTava kANiro means, there is some place called vaikunTa with 
all 7 star facilities and ever lasting bliss & youth...but that bliss you 
try to find here itselt in this bhUlOka itself....purAndara asks krishna 
in another devara nAma "  dAri yaavudaiah vaikunTake, dAri tOrisaiah' 
wherein he prays purandara viTala, innu janisa lAre bhumiya mele, ninna 
dAsa nAdeno, innu puttisadiro etc. this means he is willing to go to that 
'punarAvrutti rahita, shAshvata vaikunTa lOka and nArAyaNa 
sAyujya....laghu nArAyaNa upanishad talks both about nArAyaNa sAyujya & 
vaikunTa lOka..So, it would be a celestial abode with full of nandini 
milk, coiled big anaconda and owner for this 7 door palace is ananta 
shayana 'padmanAbha' :-)) 

This also reminds me 'aNNAvra' (Dr. Rajkumar) song on guru rAghavendra, 
vaikunTaville, kailAsaville, guru rAya ella ninna pAdadalle. 

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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