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SAdara praNAmam,
When you go through the sayings of all the well known realized
MahAthmAs, especially Tamil saints, it can be seen that they
are equivocal that "a scholar will not get moksha.".A scholar just means
that one who has just the mastery over the scriptures,ie.mere 'bookish'
In fact IsAvAsyOpanishath proclaims that those who knows enter
deeper thamas!
BhagavadpAda also says that "sabdajAlam mahAranyam chitta vibhrama
kAranam"in VivekachoodAmani.
On Sun, Sep 11, 2011 at 2:32 PM, dr.praveen kumar <drpraveenks at gmail.com>wrote:

> Viprabhandhava,
> I am posing this question to all the knowledgeable members
> The author Vachaspati mishra in his work Bhamati says
> ''Not mere knowledge alone is desired but that leads to Avagati or
> Sakshataka(direct experience).That which
> culminates in Avagati is the object of desire denoted by the suffix san
> This is in the context of atman.All the sub commentators of shankara
> bhashya
> did suggest direct experience
> as a means of realisation not just mere vedantic knowledge of atman.
> What are the means suggested by shankara and other acharyas for this
> Avagati?
> How does one
> --
> Praveen
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