[Advaita-l] Definition of Jnanin

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Apologies for interrupting this dialogue. Here is one viewpoint :

Let us use the three puruSa model of gItA 15.16-18: kSara, akSara and uttama.

uttama puruSa is beyond mAyA - known only via jnAna.

akSara is THE perfected puruSa within mAyA (this is also the Ishvara of yoga).
This is the object of bhakti. 

A. So a jnAni bhakta knows uttama puruSa via Atma jnAna.

B. Also engages in upAsana of akSara puruSa wherein jnAna, vijnAna, karma are
    all integerated with the thread of bhakti.

(Do activities A and B interact with one another? Something to investigate.)

hari om.


Dear Sriram,
As mahaswamigal was completely absorbed in Brahman, he was non-different
from Ambal and her devotee. Ambal was responding to her devotee's devotion
in the form of mahaswamigal. Is that right? I don't know if it is possible
to speculate on the activities the lord or jnani accurately but it is what
it appears to be.
My questions is what happens to karma, yoga and bhakti on attainment of
jnanam. If it is sublated why does the Lord and acharyas define the highest
bhakta as jnani and jnani as a great bhakta?
Best Regards
Rajaram V.

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