[Advaita-l] idaM na mama

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Wed Mar 16 06:20:11 CDT 2011

Dear Srikanta,

The fundamental aspect in sanAtana dharma is “yajna” on which 
rests the entire cosmic principle.  We have ample references to that in shruti.  
In this cosmic principle of sacrifice, every individual has the responsibility 
of becoming a yajamAna by visualizing & making every aspect of his life as 
a sacred oblation to the Ishwara (yajneshwara) as  “yajnO vai viShNuH” 
is the shruti vAkya.   
So, the objective of seeking the material comforts is not for enjoyment
but for purpose of conducting yajna and offering the same as a part of
Oblation.  Eventually, the yajamAna offers “himself” ie., his own individual ego 
to the Supreme Ego which is yajneshwara. The entire “chamaka praShNa”
teaches us this lesson.
The yajamAna seeks the various pulses like black grams, barley, Bengal 
gram, millets, Gingely seeds etc, rice, horses, cows, milk, honey, 
Good food, timely rains, lands for cultivation, gold, silver, gemstones, etc. 
as "cha mE; cha mE".  These material riches sought are ONLY for
the purpose of Vedic Sacrifice and NOT for self-enjoyment which is well
described in the Chamaka Anuvaka as "atma yajnena kalpatAM, yajno yajnena
kalpatAm". At last, this life which is the Great Sacrifice is offered at the
Feet of Yajneshwara ie., the Individual Ego is offered to Supreme Ego for final
merger.  yajamAna offers his prANa, apAna, vyAna, chakShuH, shrOtraH, manas,
vAk, atmA and ultimately the entire process of yajnA itself.  

To seek those material riches for the sole purpose of yajna, the yajamAna
chants the last anuvaka as "eka cha me; tisrascha me, pancha cha me…". 
Here, the material prosperity in "multiples" as odd numbers is sought with the mantra "ekA cha me, tisrascha me, pancha cha me, sapta cha me...." only for the purpose of Sacrifice.  
The riches, thus sought, again, are offered as oblations in the virAT yajnA with the
bhAvana “idaM na mama”.   

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