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One possibly helpful quick reference:

A few months ago Sri Anand Hudli ji had written a detailed post on the
'kriyAdvaitam', 'dravyAdvaitam' , etc. of the Bhagavatam (PrahlAdacharitram)
in reply to a request from me.  He had based it on the SridharIvyAkhya. You
will find it in the archives.

Another thought that could be relevant to the topic is:

In the SrIlalaitAsahasranAma there are two names:

चिच्छक्तिश्चेतनारूपा  (jnAna, and kriyA shakti-s )
जडशक्तिर्जडात्मिका   (dravya shakti)
The first one is the Chetana dRk, the Seer/observer
The other is the entire seen, inert world: dRshya


On Tue, Aug 16, 2011 at 4:11 PM, Shrinivas Gadkari
<sgadkari2001 at yahoo.com>wrote:

> Namaste,
> bhAgavatam contains multiple descriptions of evolution of
> tattva-s. Recently was reading the description in Book2,
> Chapter 5 (2.5.24). While describing the vaikArika, taijasa,
> and tAmasa ahamkAra, jnAna, kriyA, and dravya shakti-s are
> listed. While, jnAna, and kriyA shakti-s are mentioned in
> many places in literature, dravya shakti is hardly mentioned.
> Would appreciate if some list members can shed some more light
> on dravya shakti.
> (Also mentioned in dAsabodha 17.9.6, where rAmadAsa swami
> lists kriyA, dravya, icchA and jnAna as the fourfold shakti.)
> Is it likely that what are termed as AvaraNa shakti and
> vikSepa shakti in vedAnta, are jointly referred to as dravya
> shakti elsewhere?
> Regards,
> Shrinivas

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