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> Namaste,
> Shri Sadasiva Brahmendra Saraswati wrote a gloss on Brahma Sutra by name
> "Brahmasutra Vritti".


The Brahmasutra vRtti stated above is not a rare book.  I have a copy of
it.  The Vani Vilas Press of Srirangam has published it several decades
ago.  It is a short gloss, simple and crisp, in tune with the ShAnkara
bhAShya.  It does not have the status of a Bhashya since it is not a very
detailed and in-depth analysis of the sutra-s.

There is a 'yoga sutra vRtti' too by the above Acharya.


> Some of the traditional advaita acharyas do study this bhashya

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