[Advaita-l] Yogavashishta and Gaudapada karikas.

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Dear Srikantaji,

Yoga has its own place in the spiritual journey and no ancient Vedantic scholar has ever denied its importance.  Had it been not importance Gaudapadacharya would not have mentioned it anywhere. If anybody says that yoga practice alone without knowledge can attain Brahman that is not right. To my knowledge no acknowledged Vedantic scholar had said that.  Acquiring knowledge, and practice of austerity and meditation are required for attaining the Brahman. If one just reads up what the word Brahman means is not enough. Jnana and Yoga are both required in the spiritual path.  For the realisation of Brahman yoga has an important role.   When I say that Yoga and Vedantic knowledge both are required am I denying the rightful place of Vedanta., the ultimate knowledge. None including Gaudapada denied the role of Yoga. Let me speak in your own way : Do you understand (this)? BTW if you read Katha, Maitri and Svetasvatara Upanishads things may be easier for
 you to understand.

Sunil K. Bhattacharjya

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Dear Sunil Bhattacharji,

You are again missing the point.I said take time to read further what
Gaudapada says about Yoga.Anyone who understands the karikas can say that
Gaudapada says Yoga is futile for one who wants to realise.He has examined
various syatems,Yoga,Vaisheshika,Nyaya, and also various systems
like,Buddhism in his IV th prakarana,called,"Alatashanti prakarana" to
prove that Brahman can be realised only through Vedanta.The crux of the
mandukya Upanishad,"Turiya" can only be realised through the "Avastathraya
pareksha",which has been explained in the Ist Agama Prakarana,the Ii nd
Vaithathya prakarana,the IIIrd Adwaitha prakarana.A question arises:can
this be verified by using Logic(tarka)?Gaudapada answers(tarkena api)and
examines all the other systems in the IV th prakarana by juxtaposing them
for the student to see,and finally offering his conclusion.Do you
understand?If you keep on harping that Gaudapada didnot criticise
Yoga,then you have not followed the arguments in the Gaudapada karikas.

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