[Advaita-l] yadA carmavat & BGB 13.2

Murali Karamchedu murali_m_k at msn.com
Mon May 10 12:22:55 CDT 2010

Dear List Members,

I need help in understanding the connection of a particular reference with the 
rest of the explanation in the acharya's bhashya for Gita 13.2. After the 
initial explanation of the verse itself, the acharya begins dealing with a 
series of putative objections – the first one being the undesirable prospect of 
samsAritvam for Isvara or the possibility of samsAra-abhAva, either one being 
undersirable. To this the acharya answers by first stating that the distinction 
of jnAna and ajnAna addresses the objection, and then elaborates how. He then 
gives a series Sruti vAkyAs that draw attention to the differences. Here are the 

First he starts off by saying:

iha cedavedIdatha satyamasti na cedihAvedInmahatI vinashTiH (Ke. U 2.4)

and then draws the distinction between vidvAn and ajnAni, he says -

1. tamevam vidvAnamruta iha bhavati | nAnyaH panthA vidyate'yanAya ( purusha sUktam)

2. vidvAnna bibheti kutaScana ( Tai. U 2.4) [of the vidvAn]
3. atha tasya bhayam bhavati (Tai. U. 2.7) [of the ajnAni]

4. avidyAyAmantare vartamAnA (Kat. U 2.5) [of the ajnAni]
5. brahma veda brahmaiva bhavati (Mund. U 3.2.9) [of the vidvAn]

6. anyo'sAvanyo'hamasmIti na sa veda yathA paSurevam sa devAnAm (Br. U 1.4.10) [of the ajnAni]
7. Atmavit yaH sa idam sarvam bhavati (Br. U 1.4.10) [of the vidvAn]

and then, wrapping up the Sruti vAkyAs as references before proceeding to 
smritI, he says -

yadA carmavat (Sve. U 6.20)

Can someone help me situate this last vAkyA in the above narrative? Am I to read 
it as - when this parA vidyA is wrapped around as a hide? Or as when the kshetrajna wraps 
the kshetra around as a hide? Or as when the vidvAn wraps this samsAra around as a 
hide? Or perhaps a different reading?

Thanks in advance,

Murali Manohar


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