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This lecture is the part-1 of the lecture on whether poorva miimaamsa and
uttara meemaamsa should considered as parts of a single text or they are
represent two different shaastrams. Part-1  which runs for 1+ hours examines
in detail the poorva paksha and poorva pakshin's answer to possible
objections their position. This poorva paksha seems to mainly from Sri
Vaishnava sampradayam.    They make this work as parts of single text with a
common goal.

12 chapters of jaimini - karma
4 chapter in sankarshana - upaasana  (sometimes attributed to Jaimini and
lecturer mentioned another name which srivaishna tradition attributes it to
- that is they have internal difference on opinion on who wrote it)
4 chapters of vyasas (BS) - j~naana

Siddhanta  is that they are not parts of a single text , but they are
different shaastras. This is the position taken by our Acharya.  This also
seems to be the position of the poorva meemamsa grantha karta-s. They think
the work is completed at the end of the 12th chapters of jaimini and do not
consider that it is a part and needs completion with 4 chapters from
sankarshana kaaNDa and 4 chapters from brahma suutra.

In the second part of the lecture - the objections raised by the
poorvapakshin will be  refuted.

Lecture is in simple Tamil. Relevant lines from the texts are considered.
It is filled with interesting analogies and quotes. For example, there is a
place in poorva meemansa suutra-s where Jaimini quotes a Jamini and refutes
it. As usual, the simple answer was there were more than one jaimini's . But
a more careful answer is that poorvapakshin refers to jaimini's another
suutra and poses himself as an adherent to it  to raise the objection.


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> Here is a wonderful lecture on Brahma sutra by Dr Mani Dravid Sastrigal
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