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Mon Jan 25 01:39:23 CST 2010

Radhe Krishna

Shriman Anbu Sivam wrote "But the Hindu belief is that the world started from the beginning of Kritha Yuga and it is millions of years back."

I have different information on the same.  I may be corrected if I am wrong.

"Krutha yugam" is the starting point of a cycle of chathur yugas and not the beginning point of the world.
a manvantharam consist of a cycle of many chathur yugas in which krutha yuga starts again and again after completion of a cycle of chathur yuga.( I do not not recollect as to how many chathur yugas comprise of a manvantharam). This has happened as per vaidika beliefs immeasurable number of times and would happen for immeasurable number of times. As we say in sankalpas, our current manvantharam is "Vaivasvatha manvantharam"

Creation of bhoogola khagola takes place after the same submerges in pralaya jalam.  As my knowledge goes, mahapralayam does not take place after the end of each cycle of chathur yuga ( I may be corrected if i am wrong)

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Radhe Krishna

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